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The Bloody Bridge is located where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea in Northern Ireland and is one of the four main access points to the High Mournes. It is two miles south of Newcastle County Down along the coast road towards Kilkeel. The landscape of the area is stunning and is considered to be of sufficient calibre to merit National Park status. Proposals have been made to designate the area as a National Park but these are opposed by many local people who consider the bureaucracy associated with National Park designation to be detrimental to sustainability and will result in the disneyfication of the area.

This web site is to promote sustainable tourism at the Bloody Bridge by the provision of high quality budget accommodation for walkers, backpackers and activity seekers. Camping facilities are already provided and it is hoped that this will be followed by the following;

  • Backpackers or Hostel accommodation
  • Coffee Shop and outlet for local crafts
  • Secure Parking
  • Showers, lockers and changing facilities for activity visitors

Well designed amenities such as the above are requisite for a main access point in an area targeted for increased visitor numbers and National Park status. It is strange therefore that the very bureaucrats that are promoting National Park designation and increased visitor numbers are instrumental in blocking such amenities at the Bloody Bridge.

The Bloody Bridge is an excellent area for ramblers and is next to the Brandy Pad and the Mourne Coastal Route. The National Trust has a presence in the area and owns some sections of the above walks. However they do not yet charge for access. There is the usual gambit of activities associated with the coast and mountains in the area. Bouldering is an extremely popular activity as the Bloody Bridge is one of the best places in Ireland to partake in the activity. Of course you can also just chill and enjoy the scenery.


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